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For businesses that are eager to expand international markets, the biggest barrier is difficulty in controlling product quality, lack of market information, no traceability and lack of prestigious certificates because of not knowing the process of certification.


According to VnEconomy, the survey of 100 small businesses in the food industry of the Businesses and Services Association (BSA) shows that 98% of enterprises had heard, known about VietGAP and 44% for GlobalGAP, but only 11% and 7% are certified respectively.


Lina FarmTrust project is the market leader in the field of applying Blockchain to Traceability in Vietnam. Together with a team of leading experts from prestigious international organizations such as GS1 and GlobalGAP, we are committed to bringing real value to businesses, building trust and core values in order to create long-term and sustainable partnerships.

Strategic Evaluation

Join experts to evaluate the business model and find the core problem.

Consulting Services

Complete your business model with solutions proposed by field experts.


We understand that many businesses are facing the problem of product traceability. Join the experts of Lina FarmTrust to solve this problem today.

Our services include:

  • Apply and transfer to technology 4.0 with experts of Lina FarmTrust
  • Guide to optimize business efficiency with experts from prestigious international organizations such as GS1 and GlobalGAP
  • Guide to obtain product quality certificates with experts who have more than 15 years of experience about GlobalGAP and VietGAP
  • A dedicated hotline for business customers 24/7 online support
  • Get the latest updates via email