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The story of the Lina FarmTrust started in 2017. A Vietnamese-born businessman who is passionate about Blockchain technology, Mr. Vu Truong Ca returned from Germany to his homeland with the desire to contribute to his beloved country.


During his business trip to the Mekong region, he realized that the rice from a factory exported abroad was returned because there was no clear certificate of origin.


With colleagues who share the same passion for technology, he and his team has united in order to bring Vietnamese agricultural products into the supply chain and Blockchain technology with the thought of how farmers can improve production efficiency as well as product quality.


His burning passion for technology and its application in life spurred him to create the Lina Network, at that time was still a small building in District 7, Saigon.

03 Values Beyond Time

Track the products' origin

Provide a traceability solution with Blockchain as core technology that brings the transparent and immutable value of information.

Global standards

Integrate a global set of standards to apply to your manufacturing process.

Verify information

Provide solutions to authenticate product origin information, support tracing the cause of defective products as well as minimize commercial fraud.

Lina's Solutions

In the belief that Vietnam has to increase the value of products that contain national spirit which is delivered to international friends, the idea of a Vietnamese FarmTrust has also been gradually formed from such small beginnings.

Linking & Spreading

The mission of our team aspires to bring not only ideas from farms to dinner tables, but also based on the core of Blockchain technology, development and connectivity to other areas. Be more daring and stronger to serve the community, spread love and enhance the brand value of products made from the hands of Vietnamese people.