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Power BI is a business analysis tool provided by Microsoft with the purpose of providing highly interactive charts and data analysis.

With Power BI, parties in Lina FarmTrust can export data into analytical reports easily and visually.

Power BI allows users to visualize data and share insights within the organization or embed these Dashboard analytics reports into their applications or websites. Thereby, support the Executive Board in making effective and timely decisions in business and management .


Power BI makes it easy for parties to create detailed control panels by drag-and-drop in order to analyse information or quickly share it with key parties. Create analytical report with only 2 steps:

  • Select data from multiple sources in real-time.
  • Choose the appropriate, visualized and multi-category charts on the screen control panel.


Power BI allows to access data from hundreds of supported sources available on the platform such as Excel, CSDL, API, etc.

  • Create relationships between data tables
  • Convert those data into interactive and intuitive analytical reports.
  • Allow putting information of an entire enterprise on a dashboard.

No limits on memory and speed

Power BI is stored in a cloud environment, eliminating memory and access speed problems, and ensuring data is quickly accessed and visually analyzed.

Refresh data

Data and information of businesses are always updated real-time 24/24 on all devices.

Power BI connects to multiple data sources and allows users to schedule data refresh. So users can establish links with data so that reports are updated daily.

Easy to share and secure

By storing data in a cloud environment, Power BI allows all employees to have access to the data when they are authorized by the report creator.

When the chart is complete, users can copy the link and send it to any member of the company.